Popular and Unique Gold Coin Design

In the early twentieth century, President Roosevelt grew weary of the designs for circulating American coins. Most had not experienced an update in more than a generation and were similar across denominations. Through his efforts a series of changes were made which updated designs from the smallest to largest denominations.

In 1908, the design for the $2.50 Quarter Eagle was changed. Before then, the same design had been in used since the 1830’s. The new version of the coin was created by Bela Lyon Pratt and remains unique in American coinage for the use of an incused design. Rather than having design elements raised above the surface of the coin, they are instead impressed into the coin.

The Indian Quarter Eagle was minted from 1908 to 1915, and then from 1925 to 1929. The obverse features an Indian chief with a ceremonial headdress. Thirteen stars, Liberty, and the date surround the image. The reverse features a perched eagle with a bundle of arrows and olive branch. As mentioned the design is sunken into the surface of the coin.

Although not initially popular with the public, the coin has become popular with collectors as an approachable classic gold series.

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